Quantum Reset Therapy

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220 2 hours

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Sweat Level For all levels
Location Mykonos
Sweat Vacay X Ikigai Healing Studio Mykonos
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Quantum Reset Therapy:
Sweat Vacay X Ikigai Healing Studio Mykonos

The information that is on your subconscious rules over you, this session is a reprogrammation therapy where we recode all the blocking data that is installed on a cellular level, and we activate the qualities the new human needs to survive on the new earth.

Every thousand years, everything faces evolution, including flora and fauna.
We know that Earth is a living being too.
We are microscopic cells of this entity.
If we don’t adapt to the new earth, we die.
It’s a simple evolution law
Babies are now born with all the upgrades. We (everyone born before 2012) must do therapies like this that help us elevate from humans to #SuperHumans

A superhuman has a 4th Quantum Brain Lobe and biochemistry of carbon 7 instead of carbon 12

This is a slower-burning carbon that adapts easier to the heavier solar flares we are receiving. A superhuman vibrates in 5D (abundance, love, pleasure, unity) no longer in 3D (ego, conflict, karmic contracts, disease)
The therapy consists of 3 parts:

Diagnostic: We investigate where are you in your evolution process, what are your challenges, your core beliefs, blocked emotions, fears, organs with error code, your life’s programming and anything in the 5 areas of life (Health, Partner and Sex, Family and Procreation, Money and Career, Longevity and Rejuvenation)

Cleaning: Then we do a cleaning at all quantum levels in your emotional wounds. We install new data based in two principles: Love and Pleasure, from the point of conception to your 8 years of life Progressing the energetic child with new information to your current age. The healing we do now affects our past and future as time is not linear.

Optimisation: We install new data of the homo-futurus. Like the triangulation of the rima, pineal and thymus glands. Activating the memory of the beginning of the creation of the universe, inheriting the primordial DNA in the image and resemblance of the light. Connecting your connectomes to the source and transforming the physical binary neuron’s into quantum ones which results in inter neural super connectivity. Changing the biochemistry of Carbon 12 to Carbon 7. Balancing all the chakras.

Towards the homofuturus- homoquantum

Specification: Quantum Reset Therapy

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220 2 hours

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