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Frequently asked questions
Do I need Stripe to get paid for the classes?

Yes you do and we will guide you on how to set this up when you add your Company to the Sweat Booker platform

How do I post a livestream class?

You schedule a livestream or digital class the same way you would schedule a physical class on Sweat Booker.

Simply provide the link to Zoom, Google Hangouts, or your platform of choice in your Class Description Section

How often am I paid?

Weekly. This is via direct deposit straight into your account through Stripe.

Do I need an email address?

Your email address is key. Email and/or Sweat Booker dashboard,  is how you’ll receive confirmation that someone has signed up for your class

What’s in it for me?

Exposure! Joining the Sweat Booker community of Gyms, Studios, yogis, trainers, and other FitPros means more exposure for you through our fitness search tool and free social media advertising for your classes.

My gym is mostly weights and machines. If we don’t offer classes, can we still be on Sweat Booker?

Yes! Simply set a drop-in rate, and create blocks of “sweat time” on your schedule for gym-goers to book.

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